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Construction must be in every detail

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Our vast experience in Vietnam and expertise in hospitality, commercial, retail and residential allows us to constantly improve our construction management processes while improving our administrative structure to bring customers beautiful, high quality and environmentally friendly buildings. Our teams always work in synergy to ensure the design vision is perfectly captured in the construction. We always keep track of every project, and maintain and replace as needed all equipment, materials, and components. This process extends from the first day to the final day of the year during the entire life of the construction project. Our successes in large and small projects give us even more confidence to take on bigger projects and offer a more diverse range of high-quality products and services. We are very proud to play our part in helping to build remarkable properties and contribute to the development of Vietnam.


  • D & D Tower
  • Binh Duong Cinema
  • Binh Duong Complex
  • Nguyen Huy Lieu Villa
  • Nguyen Van Troi Villa
  • Ngo Duc Ke Townhouse
  • Binh Duong Villa
  • Phung Khac Khoan Villa
  • Galaxy Nguyen Du
  • Tropic Garden Penthouse
  • Binh Dang Plaza Mix Development
  • Nha Be Showroom
  • Pho Quang Showroom
  • Tan Phu Showroom
  • Nguyen Thong Townhouse
  • Binh Duong Restaurant
  • Da Nang Business Coffee House
  • Dai Nam Racecourse
  • Long Thanh Plastic Factory
  • Phuc Khang Showroom
  • Icon 56 Apartment
  • Lucky Palace Showroom
  • CTC Factory
  • Rang Villa Resort
  • Right Rich Vietnam Factory
  • Truong Chinh Car Showroom
  • Saigon Colorful
  • Saigon Pearl Villa
  • Rio Restaurant
  • Suong Nguyet Anh Penthouse
  • Interwood Showroom
  • Wing Tower
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