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Throughout Europe, Interwood has come to be known as the perfect design and production partner for high-end furniture. Building on over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of interiors, Interwood has proven its excellence at every step of the process including manufacturing, material selection, technical solutions, global logistics and communications. We continually strive to exceed expectations, a commitment that inspires us to create the perfect custom solution for every one of our customers and projects.


We use the latest wood-working and finishing processes available anywhere including automatic and robotic assembly lines, and computer-controlled vertical or linear spraying. At Interwood, our high-tech applications not only deliver the best quality products, but also make sure all products are safe for use. Furthermore, we value our employee’s and ensure a heathy and safe workplace, so they can continue to be at their best.


Long-standing experience, a proven track record and detailed planning methodologies make Interwood an extremely reliable partner renowned for the ability to deliver on time, every time. Organizing the transport of all components, carefully packing in the correct sequence and shipping to anywhere in the world helps make the on-site assembly process much easier and quicker for our clients.


Creating exclusive interior products using the latest technology available allows us to deliver stylish quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Every room is transformed into a work of art that expresses the personality of each project. We embrace challenging stylistic details, aesthetic features and premium materials in our drive to create exquisitely luxurious interior designs.


With every project, we collaborate closely with our customers and designers to create products that are balanced, esthetically pleasing and lavishly comfortable. Because of many years of experience, we can anticipate typical problems and resolve them at a very early stage in the project. In short, we’re prepared for almost every eventuality. Every step of the way from planning and execution through to coordination and logistics is transparent, making life easier for all stakeholders while giving designers the creative space they need to deliver outstanding results.