D&D Interwood (DDIW) is the perfect alliance between D&D and Interwood, two well-established hospitality industry experts. The joint venture was specifically created to provide turnkey interior solutions to meet the requirements of Hotels & Resorts in Vietnam seeking higher standards. D&D and Interwood partnered, combining their joint strengths to create the ultimate one-stop Hotel & Resort service in Vietnam. DDIW was born of the heritage and long-standing reputation of excellence of D&D and Interwood, and now, our mission is to provide Hotels & Resorts in Vietnam with international quality standards that are competitively priced. At DDIW, we evolve, refine, innovate and improve every day in order to deliver the highest quality projects to our customers that help them stand out in the industry. Our priority remains as always, the success and ultimate satisfaction of our customers. For the first time in Vietnam, Hotels & Resorts have access to international standards in design, construction and manufacturing. At DDIW, we are proud of what our D&D and Interwood association accomplished in the past, and we’re even more proud of what we will achieve together in the future.